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From source to shelf, we believe every step counts

Acting fairly, diversely and responsibly is what we mean by sustainability in the food sector. Our aim is to actively and uncompromisingly promote more sustainable food sourcing and supply throughout the entire value chain.

Our focus

We follow 3 principles in our mission to drive sustainability throughout the supply chain:

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    Fair: Our priority is fair and decent work.
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    Diverse: With a focus on biodiversity and equality, we offer colourful, diverse food.
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    Responsible: We are committed to operating in a sustainable way that has a positive impact on people and the environment.

We work as equals and make clear statements

2,76 kg CO2e

per kilogram of pineapple (drained weight)

We start from the beginning - with concrete calculations

We not only measure the climate impact of our site, but also determine the CO2 footprint of our products.

The total greenhouse gas emissions caused by a product at different stages of its life cycle are included in the calculated product carbon footprint.

This allows us to understand exactly where our products, such as pineapples, can be reduced. This enables us to take targeted action and reduce avoidable emissions.

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35,7 %


29,7 %

Production process

15,5 %

Inbound logistics

9,9 %

Outbound logistics

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For almost 100 years, sustainability has been part of our corporate DNA. That's why we are committed to changing from within. Our commitment to a sustainable future includes positive social change and protecting the environment. We want to meet the needs of today's and tomorrow's consumers together with our partners

Joann Huifen Hu Sustainability Manager
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We identify the risks along the supply chains

No company can be the world's saviour on its own. Only if everyone plays their part can we tackle problems such as forced and child labour at source. That is why we do everything we can to be in compliance with the requirements of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act today.

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