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About us

Expertise meets passion

We provide the right ingredients to the food industry and the ultimate finished product to the grocery trade. Our mission is to provide a one-stop shop for unrivalled food diversity from around the world, in the best quality, at the right time and with a view to a more sustainable future.

over 80 Product groups
over 60 Employees
over 60 Countries of origin
almost 100 Years of experience
Maiskolben in einem Feld

The right ingredient for a sustainable future

Because we depend on the earth's resources, we think today AND tomorrow. We offer the best quality to our customers and we take our responsibilities seriously. -For almost 100 years this has been our mission. And that's what we do now.


Working and growing together

Every day we are inspired by our environment and hungry for new insights. As a team, we embrace the opportunity for mutual learning and development. We treat each other with fairness, honesty and equality. For a career with a future, we make room for our individual abilities.

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