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19 Jul 2022

Hanseatic reloaded: Bremen-based Henry Lamotte Food GmbH sets sail for the future with a strengthened management team

Even in turbulent times, Henry Lamotte Food GmbH remains a flexible and reliable partner to the international food industry and is positioning itself for an innovative and successful future. To this end, the global supplier of food to industry and trade has expanded its management team with the addition of Managing Director Sebastian Drewes. Drewes has been managing the Bremen-based company since October 2021, together with long-time managing director Henry Lamotte. With the new personnel Henry Lamotte Food GmbH prepares the generation change. In doing so, the traditional company is focusing on fresh impetus in the areas of sustainability, marketing and sales, and digitization – true to the company’s philosophy of “Hanseatic reloaded”.

Founded in 1925, Henry Lamotte Food GmbH has been one of the leading suppliers of high-quality food products of global origin for almost 100 years. Representing the third generation, Managing Director Henry Lamotte will retire from the operational business in October 2022. With Sebastian Drewes, Henry Lamotte Food GmbH has brought an experienced manager on board in October 2021, who will continue to steer the company towards the future. “As a native of Bremen, Sebastian Drewes is innately familiar with our Hanseatic values. At the same time, as an accomplished managing director, he is able to react flexibly to constantly changing circumstances and provide new impetus for growth,” explains Henry Lamotte and continues, “This makes Sebastian Drewes a perfect fit for our corporate philosophy, where trust and reliability meet innovative strength and the courage to change – we call this ‘Hanseatic reloaded’.” Following his departure from operational management, Henry Lamotte will remain with the company as a strategic consultant.

Sebastian Drewes began his career at Procter & Gamble, where he was Brand Manager. Most recently, he steered the fortunes of the traditional French company Peugeot Saveurs in Germany as Managing Director. With a degree in business administration, he brings extensive strategic and operational experience in the management of international brands and companies. At Henry Lamotte Food GmbH, Drewes would like to focus on sustainability, marketing and sales, and digitization. “The last two years have proven how quickly and flexibly Henry Lamotte Food GmbH can respond to market changes as well as changing customer needs,” explains Drewes. “I would like to consistently develop this core competence so that we continue to be valued as a reliable, digitized and trustworthy partner in the international food industry. A partner that has anchored the topic of sustainability in all areas,” Sebastian Drewes continues.

As Managing Director, Drewes has already successfully initiated initial projects at Henry Lamotte Food GmbH. This includes, above all, the expansion of the organization with new personnel who bring in external know-how and new ideas. For example, Mihee Lee, who was previously General Manager DACH at Berlin-based tech startup Adsquare, has taken over leadership of the private label division. Barbara Probst has come from Lantmännen Unibake to manage the Quality Assurance function. Probst was also responsible for quality assurance at the global manufacturer of baked goods. There were also new hires in sales and purchasing, who bring expertise to the further development of Henry Lamotte Food GmbH and expand the team around the authorized signatories Frank Neitzel and Tobias Genz.

In addition to expanding the organization in terms of personnel, Drewe’s agenda includes the consistent implementation and continuation of the sustainability strategy and fresh impetus in sales. In addition, the topics of digitalization and Working World 4.0 are given priority. “After just a few months, Sebastian Drewes has already become deeply involved in the company’s processes, so that we have already been able to successfully implement the first projects,” reports Henry Lamotte.

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